Wooden Designer KOLOBOK

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Wooden Designer KOLOBOK

Create your own tale!

Wooden constructor “Kolobok”

Theater on the table

The game set includes:

The text of the Russian folk tale “Kolobok”, a playing field, scenery and figures from moisture-resistant birch plywood, colorful illustrations of fairy-tale characters, acrylic waterproof paints, 2 brushes.

Together with adults, children can read and remember the story of the careless braggart Kolobka and play a real fairy tale play on his table. On one side of the figures Kolobok, wolf, bear and fox, glue color drawings with their image. The reverse side of the characters paint according to the pattern of illustrations or independently to your liking. Painted figures are put on the playing field as you read the fragments of the fairy tale text. For example, a cunning red fox is exposed on the playing field after reading the text about her meeting with Kolobok. The main text of the tale can be supplemented with your own words and phrases. For example, these are: “Sing, Kolobok, fun sing – still you will be mine ..” or “I’ll put a ruddy Kolobok on a tooth …”. After the new theatrical reading of the Russian folk tale “Kolobok”, the small participants of our fairy-tale performance will certainly never behave as stupidly and carelessly as the main character of this fairy tale. And they will feel like real actors of the children’s puppet theater.

And those who have an audio book with a fairy tale Kolobok and “Talking pen ZNATOK” tm , we want to please: all the characters of the wooden game designer Kolobok “Are exact copies of illustrations to the tale. And after reading the musical “talking” fairy tale “Kolobok” you can continue to play with the favorite characters in the theater on the table. And, using audiostickers for the “Talking pen ZNATOK” tm , to sound Kolobok with a cheerful song, and the wolf, bear and fox replicas of professional actors from our sound book of fairy tales.

We wish you creative success! Play and improve!